Curb Form (Straight)

Curb form system (straight):

The Fast-Form curb form system comes in lengths of 8′ long and heights of 6” and 8” that can be joined up to 6′ high.

Also available as a flexible curb forms ( click link or navigate to page) or download the USA brochure

Fix into any type of ground from soil to hard-core / type one stone or concrete blinding or slabs to timber decking and false work.


The only fully galvanized curbforms on the market, stronger, safer, greener and longer lasting.

Available for rental or sale with next day delivery available ( subject to stock), also bespoke manufacture available.




Benefits over other curb forms:

  • Available in 6” and 8” high and can be joined to make heights of up to 6′ high
  • USA supplied, buy Quality from your reliable US distributor
  • The most cost effective curb forms on the market
  • Made from Galvanized steel as standard they are stronger than any other road forms and will not rust and will out last any other curb form *.
  • Straight or Flexi curb forms available
  • Fast-Form curb forms come in 8′ lengths the same as standard ply sheets and they can have ply fitted to the face for fair face work, unique infil system also copes with any size so you don’t have to fly past your pour.
  • Optional 90 degree corner joining sections and an any angle Flexi Corner joining section makes our curb form unique for slab pours.
  • Curb form can be fitted with curb form pins BUT also can have Fast-Form Brackets fitted for extra stability and adjustment
  • Curb forms can be joined end to end and are bolted together so no movement at joints, much stronger than any other curb form
  • They can be joined on top as well, so a 6” or 8” high curb form can be joined to make up to 6′ high, no other curb form can be joined in this way turning it into a large form
  • When used with the Fast Form brackets you can use our curb forms for slab edge formwork on decking as Fast-Form brackets can be fixed down onto decking with wood screws.
  • When using our curb forms with the Fast-Form brackets means you can bolt them to concrete blinding and slabs as well as to plywood decks.
  • Compatible with our other formwork bracket systems for a much safer and sturdier fixing solution for your curb form
  • CurbForm pins  and curb form pin pullers are also available for rental or sale

* also available Un-Galvanized as a sale item, all hire stock is Galvanized


curb form



curb form


curb form


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