Fast-Form Systems Ltd formwork hire:

Fast Form ™ brackets were first developed in 1994/5 . They were designed  to provide a  formwork hire, falsework and access platform on a rising and radius sheet pile capping beam, we have since developed slab, wall and curb form systems.

Our Managing Director was then running a ground works company ‘Orion Construction (UK)’ and when faced with this complex capping beam could find no off the shelf solution to meet the needs of the project and so set about designing a system that could be fixed to the web of the piles and provide a  falsework and working platform as well as a  double sided form, the system was so flexible it was used for other bases, plinths and walls.

We now operate out of depots throughout the UK  / USA / Australia / New Zealand with several partner companies and are always looking to develop new relationships with distributors and resellers Worldwide.

Over the years the brackets have been enhanced and made more flexible and after exhaustive prototyping and testing the Fast Form ™brackets were brought to the general market, followed on by the Fast Form Wall System and Jump Wall System and Aluminium Wall System.

Please see our main website at www.fast forms systems.us for gallery for pictures of completed projects to see how flexible our system is.

Faster / Safer / Stronger / Cheaper than traditional timber shutters, save days / weeks in labor costs, reduce manual handling issues and working at height is made safe with our unique handrail and access systems, be more productive and environmentally friendly with less or no timber wastage! (when used with Plastic Ply systems). The benefits are huge, save up to 90% on your Carbon Footprint.

A simple but unique system that is incredibly flexible,safe, saves time and money and is environmentally friendly, designed by our own director with over 25 years experience in reinforced concrete construction.

See the Difference Timber Vs Fast Form ™:                                                                                               

formwork hire

formwork hire

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